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Katie in Mexico | Tequila is good for the soul | Edmonton Boudoir

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

I believe in living boldly.

I believe that tequila is good for the soul.

I believe that rage-cleaning is under-rated.

I believe that rules are meant to be broken.

I believe that different is beautiful.

I believe in making mistakes.

I believe that imperfection is perfection.

I believe music should be listened to on high.

I believe that coffee settles the spirit.

I believe in dry shampoo.

I believe in being messy.

I believe in having that extra glass of wine.

I believe that weird people have the best souls.

I believe charcuterie is a meal.

I believe that stolen fries taste better.

I believe shoes should always be pretty and a little impractical.

I believe in Amazon Prime.

I believe in meditation.

I believe in travel, often.

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