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Katie Burnett Photography



I believe in the messy kind of love.

Coffee is my life-source.

I believe in women supporting women.  

I fucking hate socks.

I spend far too much time watching cookie videos.

I believe that dry shampoo counts as a hair wash.

I am a loud and proud feminist.

I love shoes that I can’t walk in.

I swear way too much and refuse to apologize for it.

Halloween is better than Christmas, there I said it.


Hi, I am Katie Burnett. Welcome.

Ps. These dope photos were taken by my friends Ashley Jackson and Molly Nobles


During my time as a boudoir photographer I have come to realize that it is so so much more than sexy photos (and believe me they are sexy AF). I have had the pleasure of photographing women all of shapes, sizes, and ages dealing with all types of issues. The #1 thing they tell me is that boudoir photos are a way for them to have physical evidence of something positive happening to their bodies. Yes, I have women who want to do it as a gift to their spouse but 9/10 times they tell me that it became a gift for them too. The experience is uplifting, fun, glamourous, and most importantly, empowering. My personal favourite part of having boudoir photos done are when you walk out of the studio feeling like Beyonce - fiercely powerful and feminine.


Join in the fun! I have created a Facebook VIP Group for past clients, new clients, and wannabe clients. We talk all sorts of lady stuff but most importantly, we lift each other up! A rising tide raises all ships. This is a ladies only group to create and foster positive relationships within our community. As a bonus, my VIP ladies are the first to know of any sales or deals!


When I am not creating super sexy magic for women, I am photographing weddings! I have a separate page for that which you can find here and you can also check me out on Instagram at www.instagram.com/kburnettphotography