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Studio Tour | Edmonton Boudoir

I made some changes to the studio and I am obsessed! Check it out below!

The fireplace set is a fan favourite so I kept the bones but changed the wall colour to a dark charcoal so add extra moodiness. The flower mural is also new and really adds a feminine touch to the space.

Bedroom area - I painted the walls to make it looks more industrial. Added in the gold accents that I love and we know now have an industrial glam thing going on!

WAP Set remains the same - a little jungle with eucalyptus on the walls and surrounded with plants.

I have been wanting to explore some Vanity Fair style editorial images so I have added some backdrops. This set is on the brighter side of things but it really elegant, neutral and editorial.

^ Dis me

^ Dis is Kalene of KWBeauty

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