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Top Books of 2023 | Edmonton Boudoir Photography

I read 125 books in 2023 (queue: confetti and fireworks)

I am an avid reader but even that was a little much for me! If you read this post you might have seen that much of my reading has been a coping mechanism for some serious burnout that I've been dealing with for over a year now. My 2024 reading schedule is going to look a little different - I am going to spend more time between books and really savour them.

With that said, I would still love to talk to you about some of my favourite reads! If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen me talking about some of them. I think I will switch my TikTok account to where I talk about books but will also post a bit about them here too.

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In any event, here are my Top 10 Reads of 2024, let me know if you've read them!

Imagine Romeo and Juliet in contemporary New York but they’re Russian and they’re witches. Add to it an author that is profoundly poetic and unique in her storytelling. I loved this book so much that I read it twice last year. TWICE! Beyond being a romance, it’s the story of parents that fuck up their kids and the lengths the kids will go to save themseves and each other.

The is the second book in the duology that starts with One Dark Window. This is a dark fantasy with a unique world that centers around magic, tarot-like cards. I listened to One Dark Window on auto (RARE for me as I hate listening to books but I was driving solo to Saskathewan and had nothing better to do). I chose Two Twisted Crowns as my favourite because I loved the action and the emphasis on the side-characters. This was a BookTok darling of 2023 and for damn good reason.

By now, you’ve probably heard of Fourth Wing, the fantasy book taking the world by storm. This is book 2 in that series. I chose Iron Flame as my favourite because I really liked the emphasis on the politics and the world-building of this book. I felt like Fourth Wing was lacking in that department, although I still loved it. This book had so many revelations and twists that it kept me on the edge of my seat. Can't wait for the next one!

Imagine if Harry Potter had a lovechild with The Handmaidens Tale then that lovechild had a lovechild with Throne Of Glass. This is that series. 5 of 6 books are currently out and when I tell you that I couldn't put them down, I mean it! I am completely obsessed with this entire series.

This is what happens with authors do werewolves RIGHT. There are some lame as shit werewolf books out there, but this isn't that. This is a cool, contemporary fantasy with fated mates and found family tropes. I gobbled this series up and can’t wait for the next one. 

This is book 1 in an epic, high fantasy adventure series. The main character is non-verbal which I think is so cool and adds an interesting storytelling element. I am usually not one for Gods and Goddesses in fantasy - it can be confusing and an unnecessary element but this was done very well. Bonus points for spice that is off the charts - after reading the novella (2.5) I will never be the same!

This is a political, high fantasy series that is as brutal and it is beautiful. It is a dynamic and meaty read for those who love adventure with a tad bit of romance (no spice). What I extra loved was that the author is an Indigenous Canadian woman. Not only do I love supporting women, but I extra love supporting Canadian women! Content warning: There are fantasy parallels in this series to the Indigenous-Canadian political and social issues which might be triggering for some.

This is a gothic horror type novel about an enchanted house and it’s occupants. Spooky and quirky, I loved it. I extra loved the main character who has a very down to earth personality and way of speaking that I totally related to. She felt somehow realistic given the setting. Urban, contemporary magic system with lots of spooky moments. Perfect for Halloween.

The sequel Ruthless Vows is probably the #1 BookTok book of 2023 with Divine Rivals dominating 2022. I just happened to read them both in 2034 - they were everywhere on my FY page and for good reason! It is a beautiful love story that has You’ve Got Mail vibes (circa 1998 with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks) in a WWII type setting. It is a fantasy duology with characters that I would do illegal shit for. I love them.

Blood and Moonlight by Erin Beaty

I love a good murder mystery but I found myself avoiding them for a while because they all kind of felt the same. I discovered this one, where else, on BookTok with the promise that it was like a fantasy Criminal Minds - it delivered. It was good mystery that kept me on my toes coupled with interesting characters. If you like Criminal Minds, Sherlock Holmes and fantasy, this is for you!

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