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Client Interview - Miss L

OMG This beauty had the most INCREDIBLE smile! It isn't often that I capture genuine SMILES when shooting boudoir - most women prefer more of a sultry look but I am so glad I was able to make Miss L laugh and laugh and laugh and capture those beautiful smiles of hers :)

1. How old are you... (or if you prefer, who were you listening to at age 14 :)? 32

2. What/who made you decide to book a boudoir session? Anniversary/I miss you gift for my partner who is deployed

3. Did you have any obstacles or fears about boudoir? I didn’t really have any obstacles, I have a fairly positive self-image, but when I first considered doing a boudoir shoot,I wanted to make sure the photos would be tasteful and in a setting and style that would compliment me and suit my personality.

4. Why did you choose me? Your photos! I started googling Edmonton boudoir photography and came across your site. I loved your photos, your amazing personality really shone through on the website and you had glowing reviews.

5. Where did you find me? Good ol’ Google!

6. How was the actual session different from what you expected (if at all)? It was so much more relaxed than I thought it would be! When you sent out the list and recommendations talking about red lines and tan lines and staying out of the sun, I was like “uh-oh, she’s not gonna be happy ‘cause my arms and chest are brown and the rest of me is blinding white!” but you didn’t care at all. It was so relaxed, I felt completely comfortable the whole time. Except for some of the poses! (but boy do they look great!) :P

7. What was your favorite part of the entire experience? (makeover, the shoot, seeing images, etc) The whole thing is pretty great. The makeover was a lot of fun, it was nice to get pampered. The shoot itself was tons of fun. Seeing the images was super exciting, it was seeing myself in a whole different way. I honestly think my favourite thing though will be seeing the completed album and my partner’s face when he gets to see it!

8. What is your advice for women interested in such a session? Absolutely do it! You are beautiful and doing something like this reinforces that. It is so empowering. You will get to see your body in ways that you’ve never seen it before.

9. Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of this session? It allowed me to be much more comfortable with my body, to not worry about my flaws so much. When we look in the mirror or look down at ourselves, or look at photos, it is so easy to just see the flaws. The roll over the belt line, the saddlebags, the cellulite, etc, but I think these photos really allowed me to see the whole. There were plenty of photos that I disregarded almost immediately due to some flaw, but as I kept flipping through them and looking at the picture as a whole, a lot of the ones that I had disregarded because of a flaw only I could see I ended up loving.

10. Is there anything else I could do to make this experience absolutely perfect? Just keep doing it! It was perfect!

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