Boudoir by KB_white.png

Hey Babe,

When is the last time you saw yourself ? Like really saw yourself. The kind of "seeing" that looks beyond the surface and digs in deep to your true, authentic self. 

That is the kind of seeing that I do. I want to capture you in the way you were meant to be seen: authentically, imperfectly, you


I want you to see yourself in your rawest form looking fly as hell, embracing and celebrating your body. I want to tell the story of your freckles, dimples, and laugh lines. I want you to see yourself


A sexy woman knows herself. Sexy is in her authenticity. Sexy is in her owning herself. Sexy is when she doesn't give a fuck if someone likes it or not. Sexy is in recognizing her failures but not letting them take over because they don't define her.

Sexy is loving your god damn self. 

Celebrate yourself. Reclaim yourself. See yourself. 

Edmonton Boudoir-12.jpg

My favorite part is that the images still look like me, including scars, stretch marks, imperfections. These things didn't have to disappear for me to look beautiful, they're a piece of who I am and I think it will be easier for me to embrace them after seeing myself in this new light.