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It's time to invest in yourself. You work hard, you play harder, and you've forgotten (or have never known) what it feels like to love your body. You go through life doing for others, packing lunches, and living the grind but babe, that needs to stop. You need to rediscover yourself and actually see yourself. You fucking deserve it. 

Edmonton Boudoir-41.jpg

I want to make you feel like a million fucking bucks.


Hi, I am Katie

This is moi aka your personal hype-woman, your confidence booster, unqualified therapist, and lover of your ass. I am also a self-titled comedien, dinosaur expert, nude lover, and wannabe bad bitch.  

I am here to tell you to get your ass in the studio so I can prove to you that this experience is life changing and dynamic. 

I want to make you feel like a million fucking bucks because damn it, you deserve it. 

Love Notes

Edmonton Boudoir-74.jpg
My favorite part is that the images still look like me, including scars, stretch marks, imperfections. These things didn't have to disappear for me to look beautiful, they're a piece of who I am and I think it will be easier for me to embrace them after seeing myself in this new light. 


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