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Sexy Research Edmonton Boudoir Style

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

So this is cool! We took to the streets for some sexy research. Data has been collected from 100 respondents by Edmonton Boudoir.

We asked what body parts they liked to see most in boudoir photos… either yours or their own.

Let's see how everything ranked. Tell me, did you find any of this surprising??

Drum roll please!


But, get the fuck out. This isn’t porn *eye roll* there is enough of that on the internet already. We be classy AF at the Edmonton Boudoir Studio.

2.Full Body

Because giiiirrrl all of you is fucking sexy.

3 & 4. Tits and Ass

A tie!

I’m assuming it's not actual asshole, but full disclosure I did not clarify. Again, there is enough of that on the internet and we are classy at Edmonton Boudoir.

5. Legs

Assumably next because they connect to the ass *wink*

6. Full Face

I think this helps sell that you're into it, and into yourself!

7 & 8. Lips and Hips

Another tie!

Personally, I'm surprised that hips and lips came in last. I think photos with both of these always turn out so sexy.

Survey collected responses from 88 men, 7 women and 3 other.

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