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Halloween Katie | Edmonton Boudoir

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Like, legit, it is my fav holiday. Yes, even better than Christmas.

I love the kitschy decorations.

I love the costumes! I love pumpkins! I love skulls!

I love it all! So I decided to take some Halloween selfies! What do you think? Don't look too closely because you will see my camera remote! Ha! But I tried. Also, I am fairly certain the focus was off but, hey - I did this all by myself with a remote!

Sometimes life can either be "perfect" or "done." I went for done.

And sexy.

Always sexy.

BTW the sexy top I am wearing is from Playful Promises - it's actually a swimsuit top worn under a leather jacket. The hat is from Target!

Makeup tip: Put some red lipstick over top of your purple lipstick to give you the PERFECT PURPLE POUT! I used Covergirl Melting Poute Matte in shade Back Talk and topped it with a Mac red (name I can't remember). I also lined my lips with a transparent liner to help keep the shape and stop feathering. My makeup artist Kalene gave me these tips and I am happy to pass them on to you.

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