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Get To Know Your Photographer | Edmonton Boudoir

Hellooooo! I took some selfies in the studio the other day and thought that I should take this opportunity to introduce myself for those who are new over here!

Here are 10 things that you might want to know about me, your boudoir photographer.

  1. I am good at making lists.

  2. I feel most like myself when I am rockin' a band tee shirt. And for the record, yes I listen to the artists that I rep.

  3. I have struggled hard with body image issues my entire life. One of my earliest memories is hating my body in ballet class at age 5.

  4. I've been a life-long photographer. Since I was a child, I've been fascinated by photos and the people in them.

  5. I believe in integrity above all else: Say what you mean, mean what you say, and always follow through.

  6. My greatest character flaw is that I am a skeptic. Of everything. Always. I can't help it. My first instinct is always disbelief and skepticism.

  7. I am an empath which is why it is difficult for me to communicate digitally. For me, the English language only makes up 50% of what a person is actually saying. The rest is found in their body language and tone. I would much rather talk to someone in person or on the phone. Otherwise, I find it hard to understand what they are actually saying.

  8. Body language is also what I love photographing the most. Every person has unique movements in their face and body when they feel something. I find that fascinating and actively try to capture that. This is why my sessions are never the same - it is very much directed by your body language!

  9. My biggest pet peeve is cords - especially when they are all thrown into a drawer. My dream world has cordless everything. Wait, I think my biggest pet peeve might be slow things, I don't like waiting. Ok, it's a tie!

  10. Controversial opinion: ice cream is disgusting.

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