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Anonymous Miss N | Edmonton Boudoir

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Let's have a little chat about image sharing.

Do you have to share your photos? Nope! Look, it is your body and your choice and I will always respect that.

I would say that about 90% of my clients are comfortable sharing their images online but I don't expect that from anyone, ever. We have to remember, what empowers some doesn't empower others. Which is totally fine, and we should celebrate our uniqueness.

This client graciously allowed me to share her anonymous images - which I am so thankful for! I am in LOVE with her wet-set and can't wait to get one printed for the studio!

In an effort to maintain this woman's anonymity, I am not sharing her client interview either so instead, enjoy this poem from Brooke Solis.

I'm ok. What bullshit. Baby you are not ok. Ok is for bland coffee and slow traffic. Ok is for mediocre sex and half-hearted art. You, you have to be stained red with desire and highlighted in gold from all the eyes that loved you hard and all the books that made runes from your bones. Ok is bullshit. You deserve a 'scream from the rooftops in Sicily, naked until you cry, collapse, and make love until you orgasm yourself in a new religion' type of existence.

Poem by Brooke Solis

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