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5 Things I Try to Remember About Social Media | Edmonton Boudoir

I love social media. I do a lot of my best business on social media. I spend so much time on social media that I have turned off the screen time report on my iPhone so that I don’t feel shame about it. Here is the thing though, it is super easy to get sucked into the bullshit of social media see the highlight reel of everyone’s lives and get caught in the comparison game, which typically leaves you feeling really shitty about yourself. These are my Top 5 reminders to help you (and me) maintain a healthy relationship with social media.

1. Authenticity

It’s so easy to assume that what people put on social media is real life. It’s not. It’s curated and highly selected. Often with staged backgrounds (like my studio) or hair and makeup personnel (like my shoots). That doesn't mean these moments didn't happen. They did, but there were also several other moments, minutes maybe hours that also happened. And those moments, minutes, or hours don’t look as perfect as that one posted photo does.

2. Purpose

Every photo has a purpose. When I post a picture it is to celebrate the beauty and confidence of the woman in the picture. To celebrate each of our uniqueness and to embrace all that comes with that. When you post one it is probably to celebrate something similar, to capture a moment in time and share that moment with the people you love. Remember that.

3. Insta-Envy Awareness

Instagram in particular celebrates the beauty of a well taken photograph. I know it's easy to let comparison sneak in as you are absorbing the photo, but be intentional and don't let comparison steal your joy. (Yes, I borrowed that from a Roosevelt quote.)

Let’s celebrate beauty without critiquing the subject, content, or caption. Allow yourself to celebrate with the poster. Let’s celebrate the moment with or without the staged background and don’t let comparison take it away. Support your fellow ladies and encourage them on their journey. Supporting other people will create a positive spirit in you and you will start to feel those vibes in your soul.

4. Notice your Mental State

Consider this. If you aren't celebrating anymore maybe it's time to take a break. If comparison has stolen your joy, take it back. If you are agonizing over the moment you want to capture so much that you are no longer present in that moment, it's not worth it.

5. Embrace Authenticity

You are worthy of being authentic. It will feel vulnerable, but the people who really love you will love you even harder for being authentic and honest. And those who don't, aren't worth your energy.

No one is perfect! Why the fuck do we care so much about attaining perfection? I don’t want to be perfect, I like who I am! If I hadn't made a handful of mistakes - okay, dozens of mistakes - I wouldn’t be the woman that I am today.


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