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Miss Vaginal Skin Tag | Edmonton Boudoir

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Dear Katie,

I hate being naked. Like I REALLY REALLY FUCKING HATE IT.

I like the idea of being naked but you see… I have this vaginal skin tag.

Yeah. Read that again.

I have a fucking skin tag on my vagina. According to my doctor, it's totally normal and not a big deal.

But you see… I had a medical student do my last Pap Test and she fucking laughed at it. OMFG I'm literally dying of embarrassment all over again just writing you this.

Help me. I want to do a boudoir session but I can't even get naked in front of my husband. What can I do?

Please send help. Or wine. Actually send help with wine, that would be great.


Miss Vaginal Skin Tag


Dear Miss Vaginal Skin Tag,

First of all, how fucking dare that med student laugh at you. HOW FUCKING DARE SHE! I seriously hope you filed a complaint against her. We have enough issues in life and adding a doctor who laughs at us for our bodies should never be one of them. Completely unprofessional and, hello, its 2019. This type of reaction is insanely detrimental to women’s health. As a medical professional, it is her job to make sure you are healthy and how the fuck is she going to encourage you to trust her if she laughs at you for something completely normal?! Omg I legit can’t even with this.

Let me do what your doctor should have done and reassure you that you are not alone. A quick google search told me that 25% of women have them. Here’s the thing, for years we have been told that “beauty” looks like the 6'2" barbie doll with blonde hair, a flat stomach, tits the size of watermelons and no vaginal skin tag. This meant that so many women have harboured secrets about their bodies for fear of being labeled gross or laughed at. Let me reiterate: this is insanely detrimental to women's health. True story: I had a woman tell me once that she had chin hair and she legit thought that was abnormal. I would be willing to bet a lot of money that almost every woman has at least one chin whisker.

Look, there is a reason that so many people are talking about self-love these days. It's because it's hard but also necessary. The truth is, we are all naturally self-conscious about something!

Do you know who Ariana Madix is? No? Congrats, you’re not addicted to shitty reality TV! She’s on Vanderpump Rules and she had this whole spiel a season or two back where she was told she had an ugly vagina by an ex-boyfriend. It got to her and she’s had the mentality for years that she’s not sexy. This woman basically has “it all”. She’s fucking gorgeous, super rich, on reality TV, has 1.1 million Instagram followers, a long term boyfriend who appears to love the hell out of her and it still got to her.

Figure that out.

Look, I would love to tell you that one day you will wake up and not have any insecurities but that would be a big fat lie.

But lucky for you, I can help ease that insecurity. Boudoir photography is the ultimate stepping stone on the path towards body acceptance and self love. If you don’t believe me check out some of the babes I’ve photographed and their interviews. Sometimes it helps to get a different perspective and physical proof of how amazing you actually are.



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