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Miss C's Boudoir Experience

I am so excited to share these images with you all! If you are not on my Facebook page - get the hell on it! So many great things happen on my social media and if you are only connected to one, you are missing out.

Miss C's husband tagged her in my Facebook Boudoir Giveaway post and left a really sweet message about how his wife really deserves this because she has gone through so much with her health and she sacrifices a lot for her family. To hear that from a husband was really amazing. I love supportive husbands who really encourage their wives to love their bodies the way their husbands do.

Miss C was part of the inspiration behind my Boudoir After Baby video and subsequent self portraits - Click on this link to view.

This is what she had to say,

"You are amazing. As women we don't spend enough time believing we are good enough. My courage today was from you. Your inspiration, your confidence and talent. I remember thinking to myself I wish I has an ounce of your talent and confidence... I believe what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and as women we have to believe in ourselves. Thank you so so so much for today. I had a ball and you made it so much fun. I actually felt beautiful for the first time in a long long time."

But wait! It gets better! Shortly after her boudoir shoot, I received the most amazing thing in the mail:

A beautiful necklace that reads, "She believed she could so she did." This, my friends, is why I do what I do. This necklace is now my official lucky charm. I, too, believe in fate and this was a great reminder to keep hustling and doing what I am doing. Boudoir truly does change lives.

Now on to the really good shit - the PHOTOS! Here they are, enjoy!

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