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Vampire Boudoir | Halloween Special | Edmonton Boudoir

Warm at first Metallic, thick Quench that thirst Worth each lick
First lips touch Suck it in Deep and such Feel his skin
End begins, Transpire Sweetest sin, Vampire

- Poem by - Joy Laughren

Ever wonder how stylized boudoir happens?

My makeup artist, Kalene, and I were chatting about the possibility of doing a stylized Halloween shoot. If you have some how missed it I adore Halloween, it's my favourite. In the presence of Miss B we chatted about getting gory and sexy at the same time. Miss B was so excited at the concept and eventually her boyfriend confirmed that she loves Halloween as much as I do.

It is this kind of excitement and collaboration that makes a community. Thanks so much Miss B & Kalene. I loved every minute of this stylized boudoir!

Who helped make this Halloween Boudoir freaky-AF?

Muse: Miss B!

Location: #yeg

Hair and Make up: @kwbeautyyeg

Stylizing / Staging: @edmontonboudoir (Me!)

Photography: @edmontonboudoir (Me!)

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