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Five Makeup Myths my Artists Busted

1. Lipstick is old.

I can remember my grandma applying her lipstick - in the brightest red ever - and cringing. I used to think that a natural lip was good enough. However, I have come to realize that lipstick (or gloss) really adds the finishing touch to a look. There are some who say you should match the colour of your nipples to the colour of your lipstick but I say pish-posh. I think lipstick is the easiest way to play around with your look and add some colour to your face. My current fav colour is Rosecliff by Nars, it's basically the best 90s nude colour. You can find it here.

2. Lipliner is only for red lips.

Nope! My fav lip liner is transparent and I wear it with all my lipsticks to prevent colour bleeding. Hot tip: When you over line your lips, start by adding your lip liner to the top of your lip and working your way down, ensuring that you match up the line to the current corner of your mouth.

3. Primer is unnecessary

Wrong! Primer helps your foundation go farther. I HATE when it looks like I am not wearing any makeup by 3pm. That shit is expensive and it's only going to last 9 hours?! Fact: Primer will make your makeup stay longer. It helps your bronzer bronze better. It basically makes everything better. Bonus: Add a setting spray to the mix and your makeup will be flawless ALL DAY.

4. Makeup is the same as sunscreen.

OMG NO. While some makeup does contain sunscreen they aren't synonymous. You NEED to wear sunscreen regardless if your makeup contains SPF. The SPF contained in your makeup just isn't enough to protect you from the sun. I love me some wrinkles but not prematurely!

5. You don't need to wash your brushes if you don't share them.

Ewwww no! Wash your brushes - nasty shit grows on them. So just do it okay? It could be why you're breaking out... just sayin'. I recommend using dish soap (to get rid of oil) and rubbing alcohol (to sanitize).

Ps. If you are wondering who this hot babe is, it is my makeup artist Kalene with KW Beauty.

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