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  • Joy Laughren

Feminism as a Verb

I am a feminist. But what does that mean? Feminist, as a noun, is a label. You must meet certain requirements to become a feminist. Perhaps you own a vagina. Or you hire women in equal quantities as men. Or maybe you just use feminist hashtags on your social.

Listen closely. Feminism is a verb.

If you do not pay your female employees who work as hard or harder than your male employees the same wage, you are not a feminist.

If you do not give the same title to a woman doing the same job as a man, you are not a feminist.

If you do not vote for policies that support equal pay or give women power over their own bodies, you are not a feminist.

If you shame women whose bodies are not “classically beautiful,” you are not a feminist.

If you do not act with feminism in your daily moments, you are not a feminist.

Feminism is a fucking verb. You cannot label yourself a feminist unless you are currently, in this moment, acting like one.

Changing your perspective on feminism from a noun to a verb is also liberating. So what you fucked up one time? Tomorrow is a new day, and you have the power to change tomorrow.

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