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Prepping for a Boudoir Shoot | Edmonton Boudoir Photography

Today I would like to talk to you, my wonderful readers, about preparing for a boudoir shoot – the nitty gritty, if you will.


I know, I know. Every week there is a new article about Some Study done by Some People In a Fancy University and the story reads, “New Study: Water is Good For You!”

Side note: Who the hell is paying these people? “Hello, Captain Obvious? It’s me, Katie. Nice to meet you.

I digress.

However annoying said studies are, they are right. Hydration is sooo important for you. Not only does drinking plenty of water help clear your complexion, it also helps you LOSE EXCESS WATER WEIGHT. So if that is something you are into, drink lots of water.

There are plenty of tips on Pinterest to help you on your way to being a mermaid. For instance, mark your water bottle with time goals (8 ounces by 10am, 16 by 11am, etc.)

Side side note: My mother’s cure-all is water. Sick? Drink water. Feeling sad? Drink water. Broken bone? Drink water. Got hit by a bus? Drink water... I’m no doctor but maybe don’t take that advice.


You want to look and feel your best at your boudoir shoot so a trip to the salon is in order. However, do not try anything drastic with your hair the day before the shoot. In the event that something goes wrong, you want time to fix it. Schedule your hair appointment a few weeks prior to your shoot.

If you need a colour boost or a gloss boost. Try a DIY hair mask.


This is one of the most common things women forget prior to a shoot. You don’t want chipped nail polish in your photos so make sure you get a mani/pedi or go for a DIY version.

What colour of nail polish should you get? Its up to you, I often suggest a light pink colour or even just a plain french tip because they will go with all of your outfits. Also, colours that are a close match to your skin tone will make your fingers look longer. If you have stubby fingers like me, thats a win.


This might seem silly but it is the most important thing you will do for your boudoir shoot. It is so important for us to be a team on this. I need to know your fears, hang ups, likes, dislikes, everything! Not to mention, I WANT to talk to you! I WANT to get to know you so I can personalize your session and provide you with the best experience ever!


I don’t want you coming for your session hangry. Or with the dumbs. Eat something light before your shoot with lots of protein to sustain you through all the poses I will make you do. Oh and while you’re at it, do a couple stretches :P

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