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THE Ashley Jackson in MY STUDIO! | Edmonton Boudoir Photography

Do you remember these photos taken of me?

Well they were taken by THIS wonderful woman! Ashley Jackson is a boudoir photographer based out of Red Deer.

The best thing I ever did for myself and my business was to get rid of the notion of competition and embrace community. I think it is so incredibly important to lift one another up. Shedding the weight of competition has brought me so many friends in my community. Which is truthfully a total godsend. It is nice to be able to talk shop with other women going through the exact same things. My 2019 goal is to do more of that.

I am so happy Ashley and I connected and have become friends. She is truly a kind hearted person who emits such love in everything she does. I genuinely want Ashley to succeed in everything she does not only because she is an amazing photographer but because she DESERVES it.

Here are some of the highlights from her gallery, I just cant get enough of her contagious smile and freckle face!

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