Invest in yourself

This experience is so much more than the beautiful (and believe me, they will be beautiful) images. You will learn to see yourself differently. You will learn to see your body as a source of love and pride. You will see it as something to be proud of for, maybe, the first time ever. You will want to experience that every chance you get and you will want that at the touch of your fingers.

I have chosen to provide my clients with the option to purchase personalized, beautiful, physical representations of their images. I firmly believe that this type of experience and investment needs to be displayed properly, not dying a digital death on a hard drive. 

My session fee is $230 for a regular session or $250 with the wet-set add on. Both include hair and makeup and 1.5 hours in studio with me.  In this time, we can typically get through 4 outfits and leave room at the end for nudes or implied nudes (depending on your comfort level). 


You purchase your images separately at your "reveal" which is where you see your edited images for the first time. Each of my packages includes a product of some sort (album, folio, prints, etc.) as well as the digital images that you purchase.  My average client will invest $1500 in their self-love experience. 

Ready to book in? 

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